A consignment of fire stock arrived at the AGNI. 
AGNI company shipped the Expert series kiln for firing ceramics.The working volume of 500l.The maximum working temperature is 1300C.
Friends great news!We are pleased to announce the launch of mass production of a desktop, mini-roll for clay.  AGNI SRM.2.0
Chamber furnace with forced atmospheric circulation AGNI PKC 120.3.850A key feature of the furnace is the high uniformity of the temperature field inside the working chamber.
AGNI has released a new series of high-temperature chamber furnaces VPK Expert with a temperature range of up to 1800 ° C. Heating elements molybdenum disilicide.   
At AGNI, they completed a furnace with a volume of 740 liters, for hardening and tempering of metals, max. temperature 1200 ° С.With the same accuracy and quality, we approach the assembly of both small and large furnaces.
Design and manufacture of electric furnaces and individual heating systems from 100 to 1800 ° C, supply of components.
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